Kelowna Youth Shelter

The Shelter is a voluntary resource for youth ages 13-18 that are homeless (absolute or relative) or at risk of homelessness and have no safe alternatives. Starting July 4th, the resource is open from 9:00 PM until 7:00 AM Monday - Friday, and 8:00 PM - 7:00 AM Saturday & Sunday. Youth may refer themselves to the program or be referred by anyone in the community, including MCFD and other youth serving organizations. The Shelter operates on a first come first serve basis and accommodates up to 10 youth per evening. Males and females are housed in separate areas of the shelter. If the resource is full, all attempts will be made to connect youth with another community resource, including but not limited to MCFD After-hours Social Workers.

Front Entrance

Contact: 250.868.8541 Ext. 202

Centre Director:  Sarah McKinnon

Emergency / Temporary Placement Services

Emergency / Temporary Placement Services provide beds, some of which are in foster homes, to children and youth in need, referred by MCFD. These are short-term placements for children/youth in care where the Ministry of Children and Family Development conducts a practical assessment for use in the provision of future care.

We are in need of Emergency Foster Home Families. Click here for more information.

Contact: 250.859.4616

Penny Lane

Penny Lane is a short-term program that supports homeless, at-risk youth, ages 13 to 18 years, in making more positive choices and a healthy lifestyle. A transitional residential program, Penny Lane is a safe, stable home environment meeting the basic needs of the youth. Penny Lane also works to provide life skills and appropriate referrals while supporting and working with the youth in developing a plan to address their issues while working with other community resources in the youth's best interests.

Contact: 250.861.5593
Fax: 250.762.5563

Gateway Suite

The Gateway Suite is a fully self-contained two bedroom furnished suite for youth between the ages of 16 and 18. Young people may reside there for up to 6 months. The environment is designed to emulate a natural living environment, while providing the supports necessary to prepare youth for successful independent living in the community. Living with a roommate also teaches youth specific life skills necessary for independence.

Youth are expected to contribute a program fee during their stay, as a means to prepare them for paying rent in the community. Youth residing in the suite are assigned an outreach housing support worker that works with them to develop the necessary skills and connections required to successfully transition to independence. For each youth residing in the suite, a case plan is developed to address identified areas such as:

• An education plan
• Vocational training or employment
• Counseling and supports to address identified issues
• Life Skills Development
• Connection to family, extended family and community

All youth served in this piece of the program engage in an integrated case management process. A care plan is to be developed in conjunction with the youth and meetings will be held every two weeks to review progress around goals, and to identify any changes or new targets to work towards. These meetings will involve the youth and the youth’s care team. Once a youth moves on from the program, the housing outreach support worker stays involved for up to 3 months for a period of aftercare to make sure the skills learned are being transferred into their independent living setting.

Gateway Suite

Gateway Referral Form

For more information or to submit a referral form, please contact:
Jenn Paquette
Phone: 778.214.4131
Fax: 250.868.3466

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Reunite assists runaway youth to reconnect with their families across Canada. If home is not an option, we work with the youth and existing agencies in that city to find an alternative solution. In order to be eligible, a youth must be between 16-19 years of age and must have run away from home. We will not travel any youth with pending legal issues. After a successful reunite is made, we will conduct a one-month follow up with the family and offer any assistance needed at that time.

In partnership with the Canadian Bus Association and Greyhound Canada, Operation Come Home is able to help runaway youth. Greyhound Canada provides $125 one way tickets per year to help these youth travel home safely to their families.

If you or your child has run away from home and you would like more information, please contact Operation Come Home  toll free at 1-800-668-4663 from 8:00am - 4:00pm (EST) Monday to Friday.

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