Life Skills and Employment Services

Life Skills and Employment Services

Kelowna and West Kelowna

Each of our Youth Centres provide support to the young people who are seeking employment.

Both Centres have an Employment Board featuring current job opportunities. Staff will also work with youth to help develop a resume, provide guidance on interview skills and give ideas for dressing and being professional.

At the Downtown Youth Centre volunteers also help lead informal training on becoming employed.

Vernon - Teen Junction

Supporting vital life skill development and promoting mental health and wellness is an important part of the Center. Teen Junction provides a safe, non-judgmental, warm, inclusive, substance free environment where youth can connect with friends, staff and volunteers.

Transition Program

The 'Transitions' program will support youth to successfully prepare/ move toward adulthood and reach their full potential in life. Hosted onsite at the Teen Junction centre, utilizing group & individual sessions, local community partners, off site visits, youth will consider their goals and strategies for achievement. Focus areas of the program will include:

  • Education - options to finish high school, program & service support options, bursaries and scholarships, secondary education options 
  • ID needs - Driver’s License, Status Card, Birth Certificate, Social Insurance Number, CareCard, how to change your name and how to register and vote
  • Money Management - Financial literacy skills including employment services, job search, career options, employer/employee relationships , credit & banking, filing taxes, understanding employment taxes and your pay advice & deductions, budgeting expenses, saving for the future and more 
  • Health & awareness - sexual health, healthcare options, nutrition, exercise & lifestyle and mental health, positive relationships 
  • Housing - securing housing, subsidized housing options, homelessness, rights as a tenant, living with a roommate, community support and services, keeping your home clean 
  • Personal life - relationships, identity, life-skills, legal help options, advocacy, community supports, choice & consequences, risk prevention.

Funding for our Transition Program is provided by:

Coast Capital Savings

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