Food Bank

Food Bank

Every month food banks in BC help 94,000 individuals. Many people don’t realize that it could be their neighbour or co-worker who needs help from a food bank in BC. Why? Because there is no typical person that turns to a food bank for help.

It may be a family where both parents are working, but just don’t have enough left over from each paycheque to fully feed their family. It may be a senior whose fixed income just doesn’t stretch far enough. It may be someone who is disabled, has a terminal illness or someone that has lost their job and for the first time in their life, has to reach out for help. It may be a single mom who is struggling to feed her children because she just doesn’t have enough support. In fact children make up close to 30% of the people who need help from our community food banks.

The Armstrong Food Bank is available for people in need. 

Okanagan Boys & Girls Club
3459 Pleasant Valley Road
Armstrong, BC V0E 1B0

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Ari-Trans in Armstrong BC has choosen the Armstrong Food Bank program to be the recipients of ongoing donations based on the mileage that ATS drivers travel each month.

Hans Peterson CEO Agri-Trans Services Inc. is encouraging his employees to donate regularly in addition to the company donation in efforts to provide sustainable donations towards the Armstrong Food Bank year round!

This partnership will have a positive impact in our ability to ensure healthy and nutritious foods are accessible and available for individuals and families within the Armstrong area.

Thank you Agri-Trans!

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