Clubs - Daycare, Preschool, After School Care, Recreation & Special Needs Programs

Clubs - Daycare, Preschool, After School Care, Recreation & Special Needs Programs


Okanagan Boys and Girls Clubs offer community based facilities offering programs that bring out the best potential of every child. Our Clubs offer children, from preschool to young adulthood, a safe, affordable, enriching and fun place to go.

We provide challenging activities that encourage healthy living, personal growth, learning, and community involvement . We build self-esteem through supportive adult mentors and engaging activities that challenge and enrich the mind, body and spirit of each child.

Each of our Clubs are unique depending on the needs of the community so you will find a variety of child care options from Daycare, Preschool, After School Care and Recreation programs.

Child Care

Daycare programs...

are designed to meet the needs of parents who require a full day of care for their young children ages 3 - 5. We provide children with a nurturing, safe environment in which children are encouraged to explore, make choices and be unique when engaging in activities. Activities are playbased and focus on supporting all areas of children’s early learning and development. Programs will include activities from Sports, Leisure and Recreation, Creative Arts Programs and Personal Growth and Life Skill activities. SPACES AVAILABLE NOW!


are programs that provide young children the opportunity to explore activities based on our program streams including Sports, Leisure and Recreation, Creative Arts, Personal Growth and Life Skills. Children will learn and grow in a stimulating safe environment.

After School Programs...

Operate when school is not is session. Children have opportunities to develop new skills, make new friends and challenge themselves with new adventures. While in the After School Program children will participate in activities in the following program Streams: Sports, Leisure and Recreation, Creative Arts and Personal Growth and Life Skills. Caring, committed staff act as positive role models ensuring that the health and safety of each child is maintained. Children are transported from school to the Club by staff in Agency vehicles.

Recreation Programs...

These programs are for members who want to come out to the Club and take part in a wide variety of activities that are planned around Recreation, Sports and Leisure, Creative Arts, Personal Growth and Life Skills. Opportunities to develop friendships, and connect with positive role models, allows children to find a place where they belong, are cared about and where they can learn new skills. The Drop-in Program is a safe and fun way for kids to spend their time during the after school hours. Drop-in programs are free for members.

Special Needs Programs...

Many of our programs and services are available to children and youth requiring additional support. In some areas programs are offered for special needs youth to help them learn and grow in a fun, supportive environment with their peers. Click here for more information about what we offer and who to connect with to find more information.

Each Club offers programs and services unique to the needs of the community and families we serve so some Clubs may offer vary difference programs from another within the Okanagan. To find out more about the Child Care, Recreation or Special Needs Programs in your area click on the location below.

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