Youth Working for Youth

Published July 25, 2016 19:19

Students right here in the Okanagan Valley are being given a chance to learn, grow, and earn an income through the Canada Summer Jobs program.

At the Okanagan Boys and Girls Clubs, 13 young people are working with children and youth in our programs and services from Enderby to Osoyoos. The students are working as program leaders in the areas of Behavioural Support, Outdoor Education, Technology, Events, Community Youth and Family Recreation, Youth Outreach and Life Skills Employment.

Each one of our summer students are attending University or College programs and are seeking the opportunity to learn skills and abilities, gain job experience, earn money and build their resume for their future. They are part of over 7,799 students hired this summer across Canada through the Canada Summer Jobs Program.

"The exciting thing for us at the Okanagan Boys and Girls Clubs is that not only our we giving the students an opportunity to discover and achieve their goals to help in their future success but they in turn are working with our children and youth to help them do the same. It truly is a win-win for everyone", Diane Entwistle, CEO, Okanagan Boys and Girls Clubs.

Youth working for Youth! Great Futures start at the Okanagan Boys and Girls Clubs!

Meet our 2016 summer students...

--> Gillianne H-L

----> Community Events Assistant, Okanagan Boys and Girls Clubs Administration

------> "Over the past few weeks, I have become immersed in an organization whose contribution to the community is vast and whose work I am passionate about."

--> Sarah G.

----> Behavioural Support, Rutland Boys and Girls Club

------> "Every day I am able to help children turn moments of frustration and anger into a learning experience, which is incredibly rewarding."

--> Mohammed A.

----> Youth Outreach Worker, Osoyoos Boys and Girls Club

------> "I was very proud of my group for showing a selflessness and embodying what the Boys and Girls Clubs stands for."

--> Prescott W.

----> Youth Outreach Worker, Oliver Boys and Girls Club

------> "Encouraging kids to have fun while making sure they understand boundaries will help me in all further interactions I have with youth."

--> Sarah F.

----> Recreation Program Leader, Webber Road Boys and Girls Club

------> "I did not have the opportunity as a child to attend programs like the ones we offer; I hope my hometown adopts similar initiatives for future generations."

--> Julia B.

----> Community, Youth, and Family Recreation Leader at the Enderby Boys and Girls Club

------> "I've learned so much about the Boys and Girls Club... However, one thing that sticks out for me is that it is such an amazing, positive part of our community."

--> Nisha U.

----> Youth Employment Support Worker, Okanagan Boys and Girls Club Downtown Youth Center

------> "This experience will continue to motivate me into the future as the experience of making a difference in a youth’s life and their success is one I will not forget."

--> Chloe K.

----> Community, Youth and Family Recreation Leader, Peachland Boys and Girls Club

------> "From just making them laugh on a daily basis, teaching them how to do things, or how to interact with other people, I hope they can take something away that I have taught them."

--> Alysha S.

----> Summer Technology Student

------> "The biggest thing I've learned, and that I will carry into my education, is that every child needs to be approached in a different way."

--> Robert B.

----> Youth Employment Worker

------> "You're always doing the best that you can to create positive change, and I think it’s important to have that mentality wherever you go."

--> Yam C.

----> Recreation Leader

------> "I loved getting to know the children - their passions, their troubles, and their dreams - and I will treasure it for years to come."

To see more of our summer students' stories, check out our Facebook page.

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