Wildflowers and Butterflies at Cameron Park Daycare

Published July 30, 2017 16:04

Club Members at OBGC’s Cameron Park Daycare had the opportunity to plant wildflower seeds outside. The seeds were given to OBGC by Peter’s Independent Grocer and they came from Arlo’s Honey Farm.

Daycare Planting

Club Members were excited to plant the seeds in their garden boxes. Around the same time, the Club Members had learned about metamorphosis by watching butterflies hatch. For several years, the daycare has had a hatchery for butterflies. The hatchery provides a unique experiential learning opportunity for kids.


The wildflower seeds that were planted are intended to attract bees and assist with pollination. Declining bee populations will have a negative impact on our planet, so making the world a better place for bees is important. Butterflies too play an important role in the world's ecosystem.

Kids (and adults) often view insects as pests. Understanding how insects contribute to and sustain ecosystems can help change how people relate to insects and other living things. Club Members at Cameron Park Daycare appreciate the importance of insects and look forward to watching their wildflowers flourish.

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