Where Everyone Belongs Campaign

Published June 16, 2019 22:05

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Have you been a part of our story in some capacity? Maybe you attended club, played basketball outside our centre? Worked or volunteered for us or even attend one of our events. We want you to share your story and help us write ours.

For over 60 years our Clubs in the Okanagan have been providing a place Where Everyone Belongs and with your help we can showcase how we are more than a Club! 

We are the kids who made lifetime friends; participated in after school programs; who even learnt to cook and skate in club.

We are the youth that were encouraged and supported; who believed and beat the odds.

We are the parents that knew our children were in good hands; cried on the first day of preschool; and confined in club staff during hard times.

We are the alumni that dreamed in club and achieved those dreams outside of club.

We are the staff who educated, cared, supported and played.

We are supporters, community partners, volunteers and most importantly we all belong. 

Tell us how you belong by sharing your story!

  • Download this template, write a note and upload to your social accounts (Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram).
  • Tag @OKBoysandGirls and hashtag #WhereEveryoneBelongs
  • Join our game of #TagYourIt by tagging club friends, staff and volunters asking them to share their story!
  • Each story share will get you entered into our random draw to win our 60th Anniversary Prize Pack, so start sharing!

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Orange Graphic Click here to download this fillable graphic!

Orange Graphic  Click here to download this fillable graphic!

Orange GraphicClick here to download this fillable graphic!

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