What is Success By 6?

Published September 19, 2016 16:26

Success By 6 is a partnership between United Ways, Credit Unions of BC, and the Ministry of Children and Family Development (who represent the BC government). Success By 6 creates family friendly communities and programs that contribute to the development of children.

One of the most noteworthy aspects of Success By 6 is the organization’s respect for Aboriginal Ways of Knowing. Often, Aboriginal youth can feel that their culture and values are “wrong” because mainstream education does not make space for other ways of understanding the world. Success By 6 validates Aboriginal children’s identities and creates spaces for them to share their knowledge with other young people.

In the Okanagan, Success by 6 has provided grants to our Lake Country and Webber Road locations. These programs funded by these grants foster many important aspects of child and family development.

The Lake Country Club received a $10 000 grant in 2015 for their Family Resource Programs. These programs occur three times a week and include open gym time, parent and tot playgroups, and a mini chef program. The Club was able to bring in guest speakers from Mona Vision , CDA, and COA Allied Health to speak about the importance of vision and dental care. Families with young children appreciate the opportunity to learn and make friends with other families in the community.

Webber Road’s Family Resource programs offer screenings for vision, dental hygiene, speech, and overall development. The Success funds also help families cook and eat meals together. Like Lake Country’s programs, the programs at Webber Road combat social isolation by giving families from diverse backgrounds a space to bond.

On top of OBGC Family Resource programs, Success By 6 partners with Community Action Towards Children's Health to organize the Annual Aboriginal Family Gathering. The event brings Aboriginal families together to celebrate their cultures through food, music, dance, and games. This affirms the value of Aboriginal cultures and helps to preserve them.

Success By 6 does so much for our community and for communities across Canada. We are proud to help the organization by providing safe places for families to flourish.

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