What do the Rockets and Raising the Roof have in Common?

Published January 10, 2017 11:41

Okanagan Boys and Girls Clubs are proud to partner with Raising the Roof and the Kelowna Rockets to help end youth homelessness in our community. On Wednesday, February1st we will be selling toques, mittens, and socks at the Kelowna Rockets Games to raise funds and awareness.

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Homelessness isolates people from the community and prevents rehabilitation efforts. Often, youth at risk of homelessness may not seek help because of stigmas around homelessness. When young people have a safe, steady place to belong, everyone benefits.

Studies show that the risk for homelessness starts at a young age. Okanagan Boys and Girls Clubs Youth Services help at-risk youth avoid homelessness by providing professional assistance. When youth know how to take care of themselves, they are more likely to succeed on their own. Our Downtown Youth Centre also contains a shelter to keep street entrenched youth safe while they access our services.

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Raising the Roof aims to raise awareness and alleviate homelessness. There are many factors that can lead to homelessness. These factors can be social, financial, or medical. Raising the Roof focuses on the early prevention of homelessness by helping youth and families. In addition to directly aiding youth at risk, Raising the Roof funds educational campaigns to combat negative stereotypes of homelessness. Educating society on why homelessness occurs is essential in finding a solution.

You can help spread the word by taking a toque selfie and posting it online! Half of the money raised stays in our community to help Okanagan Boys and Girls Clubs end youth homelessness by providing programs like our Emergency Overnight Shelter, Penny Lane Transition House, Youth Housing Support Worker and Gateway Independent Housing Suites. Our staff members will be located in the common foyer before the game and during the first intermission. For more information on Okanagan Boys and Girls Clubs housing programs, contact Sarah Mackinnon at 250-870-1046 or

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