We All Have A Need To Feel Like We Belong

Published August 31, 2018 16:54

We all have a need to feel like we belong, and to know that we are accepted as our own unique selves. At OBGC we recognize that some children, youth and families struggle more with belonging in communities, and we strive to be that safe, inclusive place that they need. We embrace diversity of all people and welcome LGBTQ2I+ families, persons with disabilities and special needs, immigrant families, refugee families, and Indigenous families. In our recruitment of staff and volunteers, we explicitly welcome all people to apply and become part of our team.Pride

We have a number of exciting initiatives to support diversity in our organization and our communities. These include:

  • A SOGI Committee (Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity) 
  • Partnerships supporting the LGBTQ2I+ Community
  • Partnerships supporting children with disabilities and special needs
  • A Reconciliation Committee
  • Extensive Special Needs Programming 
  • Programming and partnerships serving newcomers to Canada
  • Revised policies and resources on participant rights
  • Revised policies on accommodations for participants and staff
  • Rainbow stickers on all of our facilities
  • Updated washroom signage
  • Recommendations for changes to language (such as gender categories) on our participant forms
  • Ongoing staff training on diversity-related topics
  • A web survey welcoming feedback from all of our stakeholders, so we can continue to learn and do better

At OBGC, we are proud of our commitment to ongoing quality improvements and we learn best when we hear from our communities. If you would like to share your thoughts about how we can continue to embrace and enhance the richness and diversity of our communities, please respond to the survey on our website or send your thoughts to  

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