Waterplay Solutions Rewards Hard Work with a Charitable Donation

Published January 09, 2017 16:45

Staff at Okanagan Boys and Girls Clubs were excited to award Dorothy Dalba of Waterplay Solutions Corp. the Great Futures Campaign WestJet prize. Upon dropping off the prize at Waterplay, our Resource Engagement Coordinator was surprised to receive a donation from Chris Gottgetreu, another employee of Waterplay.

Chris had won the Waterplay Solutions President’s Award for excellence in the workplace. The Award includes a monetary reward for a Waterplay employee and for a charity of the employee’s choice. Okanagan Boys and Girls Clubs just happened to be Chris’ charity of choice. “My best friend and I as kids were members of the Boys and Girls Club in Calgary. Their after school sports kept us engaged while our parents worked. My parents took great comfort in knowing I had a safe place to go when they were not home,” said Chris.

We thought that the idea of giving employees money to donate to charity was brilliant so we interviewed Waterplay President Jill White about the President’s Award.

How did you come up with the idea for the President’s Award?

Jill: The President’s Award is one of two awards we give to employees who go above and beyond in their work. We have been awarding an Employee of the Year Award and a President’s Award for about ten years. The Employee of the Year Award is awarded based on the popular vote of all employees.

The President’s Award is awarded based upon my own observations and input from our Strategic Team. We realize that some employees step up in a way that is not always visible across the entire company. It could be the nature of an employee’s work or an introverted personality that leads to less overall recognition.

Do you have any personal experience with Boys and Girls Clubs?

Jill: My daughter, now 14, attended Okanagan Boys and Girls Clubs as a young child. I was very impressed by the high caliber staff members at the Cameron Park daycare and Martin Avenue Club. These staff members were like an extension of the family and I am very grateful for their dedication to kids in the community.

Waterplay has supported Okanagan Boys and Girls Clubs in the past. Our work is similar to Boys and Girls Clubs in that we give kids the opportunity to play. Our organization specializes in aquatic play collections which are fun for kids and families. We also support other charities and causes, and this year gave our employees half a day off to do a random act of kindness during the holiday season.

How does the President’s Award reflect the values of Waterplay Solutions Corp.?

Jill: The criterion for our awards is that employees exemplify our CARE values. Our CARE values are Commitment, Attitude, Respect, and Equality. From tacking a weld to ensuring our product is designed with safety top of mind, we believe that every task we undertake is important and deserves our utmost effort.

Is it difficult selecting a winner for the award? 

Jill: We never have a shortage of candidates for the award. Some years it’s tougher to choose just one person as a winner. This year Chris actually came in second place for the Employee of the Year Award. He was so close to winning the Employee of the Year Award we felt it was a good indication that he deserved the President’s Award.


We are thankful to Chris for his donation to our organization and to Jill for dreaming up the charitable President’s Award. To learn more about Waterplay Solutions Corp. click here.

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