Valley First, Enderby, and District Financial Make a Difference

Published September 25, 2016 15:36

With over 41 service locations across the valley, our resources are devoted to running the programs we offer to young people and families. This means that the completion of many other tasks depends on the hard work of volunteers. This fall, Valley First, Enderby, and District Financial are volunteering their time to help us out. Teams will be going into many of our clubs for Make a Difference Days starting on September 27th.

Like our clubs, these financial organizations have valley-wide reach. Depending on their branch location, volunteers could be baking, gardening, or painting for a day. While these tasks seem small, they make a major difference in the overall upkeep of our clubs and services.

We look forward to working alongside the staff of Valley First, Enderby, and District Financial. Look out for an update on Make a Difference Days in October! There will be many stories to share.


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