The Clothes on Your Back: GAP Helps Young People be Young

Published December 20, 2016 22:55

Think back to when you were young. How often did you dirty your clothing in some sort of misadventure? Probably pretty often. Adventures are an important part of growing up. Kids and youth need to explore and get messy in order to learn about the world. For kids and youth struggling with poverty, however, messy clothes are not always easily replaced.

          Gap Clothes

The GAP is helping kids and youth be adventurous by providing over 14 boxes of quality returned clothing to Okanagan Boys and Girls Clubs. These clothes will go to kids from Clubs across the valley and to youth at risk at the Downtown Youth Centre.

For youth who feel isolated from the rest of society, clean clothing provides a major boost in self-confidence. "It is important that our youth feel that they are worth it. Clothes like these that are brand new and stylish tell our youth that they deserve to feel special and good about themselves," said Downtown Youth Centre Drop In Coordinator Philippa Putlitz.

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We are thankful for the GAP’s continued generosity to the kids and young people we serve. Our kids love to play outside and our youth love to draw and paint. They are grateful to have new clothing for all of their favourite activities 

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