Telus Makes a $5000 Difference!

Published January 28, 2015 23:24

This past Monday Okanagan Boys and Girls Clubs received an exciting phone call from Cheryl Fraser, Sr. Regional Market Manager from Telus. During that call she shared that through the TELUS Fibre Community Program the Boys and Girls Clubs would be receiving $5000. 

An amount of $5000 goes a very long way to support the programs and services for the children, youth and families in our community. With this donation we can .....

  1. provide shelter for our homeless youth,
  2. sponsor children in need who would like the opportunity to participate in healthy recreation programs, or
  3. feed nutritional snacks to hungry kids after school. 

There is so much we can do to support our young people with this generous donation.

The support of community partners like Telus make a huge difference. Together we give children and youth a chance to discover and achieve their dreams and grow to be healthy, successful and active participants in society.

Thank you Telus!!


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