Techathlon - Act of Local Love

Published April 04, 2019 21:36

Have you heard about The  Super Mega Ultimate Techathalon…? Yes, that’s what I said The Super Mega Ultimate Techathlon. Okanagan Boys and Girls Clubs are ecstatic to be involved in the 2019 Techathlon thanks to our friends and supporters at Coast Capital! This 8 week challenge brought to you by United Way Southern Interior BC, Twirling Umbrellas and <CODE>anagan brings together Okanagan Tech Companies for some friendly competition and a common cause. 

100 percent of proceeds are being donated to <CODE>anagan a non-profit program that connects youth to future tech opportunities by kick-starting young tech talent. Okanagan Boys and Girls Clubs youth participate in the <CODE>anagan program and are benefitting from this ridiculous 8 week challenge. 

Once a week, our team the Coast Capital Boys and Girls have participated in these challenges ranging from a retro gaming night to a stock photo challenge, and even a timed tech trivia quiz our club staff have been having a blast! This week our challenge was Acts of Local Love, this challenge had our club staff roam the Kelowna City Streets handing out baked goods, juice and sandwiches to community members. 

Img 6255

Wondering where we accumulated all of this food? After hosting a catered event we noticed we had a fair share of food left on our tables, with our Act of Local Love thoughts in mind, we knew exactly what we were going to do. We are so thankful for this experience and challenge other event hosts to remember how easy it is to spread Local love to your communities. Thank you Coast Capital for making the Super Mega Ultimate Techathlon possible! 

Img 6255 Img 6255 Img 6255 Img 6255

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