Stop and Smell the Flowers with The Greenery

Published June 21, 2017 17:03

On Monday, June 19th Okanagan Boys and Girls Clubs Martin Avenue received a fragrant donation: 8 flats of flowers from The Greenery Garden Center! Kids will plant the flowers around the Club during the coming weeks.

The Greenery is no stranger to charitable donations. “We donate to many charitable organizations,” said Traci of the Greenery. “We have supported preschools, schools, senior centres, Living Salad Bowls, community gardens, hospital plant sales, fairs, and many other causes.”

The Greenery team is particularly passionate about children. “We truly enjoy donating where children benefit so they can see how fun and rewarding gardening can be,” said Traci. Her own young son, Lukas, helped deliver the flowers to the Club.

Gardening has many mental, physical, and environmental benefits in addition to aesthetic ones. “Flowers not only beautify our outdoor living spaces, they remind us to slow down and take a deep breath. They attract pollinators which are vital to the earth’s lifecycle,” said Traci. “They also let people know where their food is coming from.” Food security and nutrition are important issues to the Boys and Girls Clubs.

We and our Club Members want to thank The Greenery from the bottom of our hearts for their contribution to us, the community, and to the planet. They are truly investing in the future, one flower at a time.

    Flower Donation

The Greenery is a local family owned and operated growing greenhouse and garden center. While they are only open to the public for four months (March-June) each year, they still operate year round by seeding, propagating, and preparing for the retail season. They grow almost everything they sell. Check out their website here.

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