Soup Sisters and Volunteers Help the Make a Difference for Kelowna's Youth

Published November 18, 2014 16:37

This past weekend the Soup Sisters Kelowna and several volunteers came out to support Kelowna's youth. Together they made a whole lot of soup, which at this time of year hits the spot of you are living on the streets.

Okanagan Boys and Girls Clubs have a Youth Shelter for those who find themselves on the street with no place to go. There they are provided with nutritional food, a bed and support to help them figure out how to move from the streets to getting a job and being active participants in the community. 

Contributions like soup from the Soup Sisters Kelowna goes a long way. We appreciate their donation of soup, time and enthusiasm. Thank you Soup Sisters Kelowna and the volunteers who come together to make this happen.

Check out the photos from Soup Sisters Kelowna Facebook Page. Click here.

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