Sarah and Alyssa Celebrate Nineteen

Published January 18, 2017 20:56

Best friends Sarah and Alyssa have attended Okanagan Boys and Girls Club Rutland since elementary school. Now that they are both celebrating their nineteenth birthdays, high school graduations, and the transition to young adulthood we say “Good-bye and best of luck in your next adventures!”

Sarah started at OBGC in Jan 2004 at age six. She attended both After School and Summer programs continuously for the last 12 years. Alyssa started with OBGC in December 2009 at age ten. She started attending the After School program at South Rutland Elementary and part time Summer programs over the last 7 years.

Both girls were very social at the Club and enjoyed joking, laughing, and singing. They each had the ability to see the positive sides of things and were able to cheer each other up when they were feeling down. The girls enjoyed playing basketball, attending Special Olympics, swimming, and working out at the YMCA.

Leadership came naturally to both girls, who volunteered in daycare programs and made crafts with young children. Sarah and Alyssa also took their leadership to our life skills programs where they learned to cook and bake. They used these new skills to make baked goods for seniors at Okanagan Chateau.

Staff have enjoyed spending time with Sarah and Alyssa and will truly miss their smiling faces and positive attitudes. They are confident that both girls have great futures ahead of them.


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