Safeway pitches in to help feed hungry children and youth in the Community!

Published August 29, 2017 17:54



On June 24th, volunteers from the Okanagan Boys and Girls Clubs in Vernon, Penticton, and Kelowna’s Downtown Youth Center fundraised by selling $2 Ice Cream Bars at their local Safeway stores. 

Sobeys, Inc. matched each donation raising an impressive $5391.99 for the Okanagan Boys and Girls Clubs. Across the country, over 100 clubs and 300 grocery stores came together to raise $177, 502.00 for Boys and Girls Clubs Nationwide. The $177, 502.00 raised by Boys and Girls Clubs Staff and Volunteers during the campaign was matched by Sobeys, resulting in a grand total of $277,502.00 in funds donated back to the community.

1 in 5 kids lives in poverty in British Columbia. Okanagan Boys and Girls Clubs has 42 service locations that serve over 1300+ kids and youth every day. We provide healthy meals and snacks to every child that comes through our doors. The funds raised through the Canada Screams Campaign will go directly towards helping those most in need by providing healthy snacks and meals for kids and youth in the community.
As members of those very communities that they proudly serve, our Okanagan Safeway stores are champions in giving back. 

Shout Out     

We would like to send a special shout-out to the following stores in the Okanagan Valley that took part in the Campaign:

Safeway Downtown Kelowna
Safeway Dilworth Avenue
Safeway Vernon Market Square
Safeway Downtown Vernon
Safeway Penticton



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Kids Paying-it-Forward with Sobeys

As part of the Canada Screams Campaign, Sobeys empowered 150 kids from across Western Canada to pay-it-forward. The youth representative from the Okanagan Campaign is Maddie who was a former OBGC member, and youth advocate for the Downtown Youth Center in Kelowna. Sobeys presented Maddie with a $500.00 gift card to donate back to a charity of her choice as part of their Kids Paying-it-Forward Campaign.


Maddie chose to donate her $500 gift card back to the Downtown Youth Center which is a cause close to her heart, and one from which she has felt a direct impact. When asked why she chose to give back to the DYC, Maddie expressed that she sees youth homelessness as a major problem in Kelowna. She has personally used the services at the Downtown Youth
Center and has volunteered and worked for Okanagan Boys and Girls Clubs.

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Okanagan Boys and Girls Clubs are extremely grateful for Sobey's commitment towards leading the  Okanagan in generosity and giving. Sobey's passion about making better food possible in their community is an inspiring dedication which has benefitted our clubs tremendously. Our vision is that all children and youth discover and achieve their dreams and grow to be healthy, successful and active participants in society. 

Great futures start with a healthy meal! Thank you Safeway! 


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