Put Your Phone Down Showdown!

Published January 05, 2017 16:47

Okanagan Boys and Girls Clubs Downtown Youth Centre is challenging teens to put away their phones for as long as they can! Put Your Phone Down Showdown will give youth the opportunity to have staff watch their phones while they enjoy screen-free time. Participants will write down a goal of how many hours they plan to stay away from their phones.

Now, to give youth some incentive to participate, DYC staff will be awarding a prize to the youth who stays away from their phone the longest. All participants will have the opportunity to partake in some innovative screen-free activities. One of these activities is a writing workshop.

Aptly named Let's Write, the workshop will take place in a quiet, calm space where youth can focus on their creativity. Staff will be imparting their knowledge of poetry, short stories, and therapeutic self-reflection pieces. There are many talented young writers at the DYC and the staff are eager to help them.

Put Your Phone Down Showdown and the Let's Write workshop are a part of Unplug and Play week. Every Club in the valley will be running screen free activities and initiatives during this time.


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