Professional Development with the Toronto Blue Jays

Published March 02, 2017 21:30

Okanagan Boys and Girls Clubs Staff members Mary and Eric had an amazing experience at the beginning of February. From February 10th to 12th, Mary and Eric travelled to Toronto for the Blue Jays Academy National Coaches Clinic. All costs for the trip were covered by the Jays Care Foundation.

Standing In The OutfieldMary wanted to build on Rookie League baseball training she received from the Jays Care Foundation in June. The National Clinic brought together both Rookie League and competitive baseball instructors for a three day learning experience. “We participated in talks and drills from Toronto Blue Jays instructors as well as other professional coaches. Their expertise will help me be a better coach to kids.”

Eric grew up playing baseball, but had never coached it. He wanted to learn the most up-to-date techniques for teaching the sport. “Facilitators knew the latest research on baseball, such as how to throw a ball in a way that reduces the chance of injury. I’m excited to teach kids everything I’ve learned this summer.”

The National Clinic brought together youth serving organizations from across Canada. “The diversity of the group was exciting. I learned tips and tricks from childcare workers who run their programs in different circumstances than me,” said Mary. First Nations Organizations, Boys and Girls Clubs, Toronto Community Housing, and Right To Play were just some of the many groups that attended the clinic.

The trip to Toronto left a strong impression on the staff members. “I’ll never forget walking onto the field at the Rogers Centre,” said Mary. “It looked huge from the ground up.”

“I had never been east of Alberta, so it was exciting to visit a bigger city and meet up with some friends who live there. Standing on the Jays field was also a surreal experience,” said Eric.

Kids can learn the fundamentals of baseball from Mary or Eric through the Rookie League Baseball program. Both our Martin Avenue and Rutland Clubs will be offering the program in March. The program runs throughout the spring and summer. For information on the Martin program, call 250-762-3914. For Rutland, call 250-765-3345. A Rookie League will also be held at Webber Road in the summer.

Thank you so much to the Jays Care Foundation for giving our staff this incredible opportunity to learn from baseball experts! Professional development is something we strive for at Okanagan Boys and Girls Clubs.

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