Peter’s Your Independent Grocer and Loblaws Helping Grow Healthy Kids

Published September 29, 2016 20:07

Through a generous contribution from Peter’s Your Independent Grocer and Loblaws' Healthy Kids Grant, Okanagan Boys and Girls Clubs Downtown Youth Centre will host a Community Kitchen Program for youth at risk and homeless youth.

Pete Yig1Your Independent

The Youth Community Kitchen program allows us to teach young people about health and nutrition. Our project facilitator will work with youth to gain cooking, shopping, budgeting, and meal planning skills, and will connect youth with community resources, like the Food Bank, and grocery stores, like Independent Grocers. These life skills will be important and beneficial for our youth to learn and use now and throughout their lives.

The Okanagan Boys and Girls Club believes that nutrition is a foundation for a successful life. Practicing nutritional skills in our Clubs means that youth are more likely to use these skills when they have become adults.

We also believe that relationships and mentoring are key components for self-confidence and esteem. The mentoring that youth receive in the Youth Community Kitchen program is beneficial for their lifelong development of essential life skills.

Okanagan Boys and Girls Clubs offer Community Kitchen Programs in several locations throughout the Okanagan Valley and receives support from community businesses and grants as well as donations of local foods and supplies. Together we are helping children, youth, and families grow. 

Thank you Peter, Your Independent Grocer team and Loblaws for giving our young people a chance for a great future!

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