Penticton Man Helps a Youth in Need

Published January 05, 2017 16:24

Jason Linton knows how difficult the holidays can be for young people living in tough circumstances. Jason lived in a variety of foster homes growing up. He remembers how lonely the holidays could be and how different his holiday experience was from the experiences of his peers.

Despite the many obstacles in his life, Jason was able to find a fulfilling career, purchase a house, and marry a loving partner. With his past long behind him, Jason decided to help a young person living through a similarly tough circumstance. “I really want to concentrate my efforts on one person to give them some hope. No matter how difficult it may seem, they can be successful with hard work and determination,” said Jason.

Okanagan Boys and Girls Clubs Penticton found a youth in need that Jason could help. This youth graduated from high school while on assisted living. He is now a keen student in a welding program. Jason bought the youth a $25 gift card for gas, a $100 Superstore gift card, a $100 Pentagon Skate Shop Card, and an acupuncture session.

Little things like a quality shirt or sweater meant a lot to Jason. “Having a brand name hoodie, etcetera, made a huge difference in how I felt about myself and carried myself,” said Jason. He hopes his gifts and his story will help the youth feel confident in pursuing his ambitions.

We want to thank Jason for sharing his story with us. We believe that youth have the power to overcome life’s circumstances. Of course, the journey towards success can be made easier with help and encouragement from others. Jason hopes his story will inspire someone to help a young person. “Maybe someone else will give a hand up to some at-risk youth. Sometimes all that's needed is positive reinforcement from a complete stranger,” said Jason.

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