Peachland Unplugs

Published January 17, 2017 18:48

If you live in or around Peachland, you should check out the many events the Okangan Boys and Girls Club is running for Unplug and Play week! Spend some screen free time at the Peachland Club and/or share the info with your kids and teens. Activities are listed below:

Tuesday, Jan 24

- Unplug and play intro: Why is screen time bad? What are ways we can have just as much (if not more) fun without screens? Kids will brainstorm this question and make a poster to put up in the club
- Give sheets to track screen time for the week: kids will be challenged to have 0 hours!
- Help hide/put decorations on screens
- Go to the gym and build an obstacle course to go through on the scooters

Wednesday, Jan 25

- Dinner Night: all hands on deck in the kitchen
- Conversation over dinner: People go around the table and everyone gets a chance to speak about a topic or question that one of the members comes up with
- After dinner puzzle activity

Thursday, Jan 26

- Teen Night: Making Dinner from scratch

Friday, Jan 27

- Potluck and Game Night with members and their families, 4-8pm: great way to get families in to build relationships with other families

Saturday, Jan 28

- 1-4: Nature Walk at Hardy Falls with Kids - plant identification and uses, recognizing beauty around us
- 4-8: Sledding at Glenrosa Middle School (if snow) OR making music with everyday items with Teens 


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