Local Author Inspires Kids with a Story

Published December 30, 2016 20:38

On December 5th, 2016, kids at Okanagan Boys and Girls Clubs Martin Avenue had the opportunity to meet a local author and actor. Lauren Hjalmarson is in her last year of interdisciplinary studies at UBCO. In 2015, she wrote Rory and the Coyote, a children’s book that explores themes of reconciliation.

Img 0107Hjalmarson’s book stars Rory, an unruly golden retriever. After winding up lost in the Mission, Rory meets a mysterious coyote who teaches Rory about her way of life. Rory and the coyote lead very different lives, but after a series of adventures Rory comes to appreciate and understand their differences.

Kids enjoyed listening to Hjalmarson’s engaging narration of her book. Voice acting happens to be another one of her many talents. In addition to sharing her story, Hjalmarson shared some of her original artwork with the kids. As they listened, kids were able to use their imaginations to colour the story’s characters.

Img 0104

We are incredibly grateful to Lauren Hjalmarson for sharing her positive message of understanding with our kids and staff members. Our program staff were thrilled to see kids asking questions about the book and about publishing!

Rory and the Coyote was published by Lake Publishing Society for the Dig Your Neighborhood Project. The story draws on First Nations tales about Coyote, called sənk̓ lip in Nsyilxcen, as its inspiration. For further reading about Coyote, Hjalmarson recommends the work of Thomas King and Harry Robinson.

Img 0111Copies of Rory and the Coyote can be found in local libraries and are available for purchase at Unless Market. You can also purchase a book directly from Lauren by calling her at 778-214-3384.                                           

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