Just Peachy: Okanagan Boys and Girls Clubs Wins 2016 Peach Bin Race

Published August 09, 2016 16:02

Penticton residents were treated to a colourful and flashy race this past weekend. At first glance, the repurposed peach bins of the annual Peach Bin Race look more like race cars than humble orchard boxes. Organizations raced these surprisingly speedy machines down Main Street to raise awareness for their causes and to win entry to the Peachfest Parade.

The Snowbirds team generously gave Okanagan Boys and Girls Clubs the first place trophy last year. This year, the staff were determined to win the trophy themselves and after much hard work, they did just that. With help from their eager club members, the Penticton staff raced to raise awareness for young people and their needs.

The first place trophy now sits in the Penticton Club for the second year in a row. Will the club be able keep the coveted award? Check out next year’s Peach Bin Race to find out!


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