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Published January 01, 2016 12:00

Recent research suggests too much screen time not only displaces time that children could spend being physically active, or reading, it also encourages unhealthy eating habits, and can affect regular sleep patterns.

Sharing activities such as family game nights, reading at the local library, exploring outdoor parks, spending time with friends and simply enjoying each other’s company provides fun alternatives to screen time.

How can you participate?

  1. Make the commitment. The first step in making a commitment is understanding why Unplug and Play Week is important, and why it’s crucial to help children (and ourselves) reduce time with screens.
  2. Make it fun. Children can plan activities they would like to do during Unplug and Play Week and draw it. Families may want to use the 50 Unplugged Activity Idea Sheet and pick one each day.
  3. List it. Hang a big list of screen-free activities up and have the children add ideas to it in the weeks leading up to Unplug and Play Week.
  4. Involve everyone in the family. Host a games night with other families and friends to get them excited about the week.
  5. Talk about the benefits of unplugging at the end of the week, then set your own unplug times, like one day a week or during meals.
  6. Remember, it takes a long time to change habits. Whatever works to reduce screen time is a positive step. Take a look at Tips to Reduce Screen Time.

In the Central Okanagan Success by 6, the Partners for Literacy, and Interior Savings have developed a tool-kit to help better understand and support the concept of "Unplug and Play. Click here for the tool-kit filled with lots of great suggestions and ideas. They’re not meant to be a blueprint, but a springboard for your own unique experience.

Join the Unplug and Play Kick Off at the Laurel Packinghouse on January 23rd from 10-2pm.

Unplug And Play Kick Off Poster

Thank you for being an important part of Interior Savings Unplug and Play Week. Together we can make this the best year yet!

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