JOEY Kelowna Shows They Care

Published March 23, 2017 19:28

This year, JOEY Restaurants partnered with us for Cup of Care. Cup of Care is JOEY Restaurant's long standing philanthropy program. On March 23, 2017 the JOEY team delivered fresh pot pies to Okanagan Boys and Girls Clubs Martin Avenue. Additional pies will be distributed to our Rutland and Downtown Youth Centre locations. 

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JOEY employees are passionate about their communities and are always looking for ways to get involved. In 2008, JOEY explored a new company wide approach to giving back that was accessible to anyone in the organization who wanted to participate. As a restaurant, it was also important to address the issue of hunger in the communities JOEY operated in. Cup of Care was born.

Over the last nine years, JOEY has peeled and prepped approximately 10 thousand pounds of carrots, celery and mushrooms to make hearty and delicious soups. To date, JOEY has served over one million hot meals across Canada, Seattle and Los Angeles partnering with local shelters and organizations chosen by our employees in each of our community.

“This year is a very special year for JOEY, it is our 25th anniversary. On top of that, we are just shy of the 10th anniversary of Cup of Care,” said Chris Mills, Executive Chef of JOEY Restaurants. “As such, we wanted to do something special for Cup of Care this year. Instead of our soup we are going to be making and serving chicken pot pies to commemorate this long standing program. We will be serving over 6,000 chicken pot pies between all our regions based on community needs.”

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Kids at Martin Avenue appreciated JOEY Kelowna's generosity. They gobbled up the pies and spent the rest of the afternoon raving about how good they were. Staff at the Downtown Youth Centre are looking forward to serving pies to youth in need of a good, warm meal. 

Global News Okanagan covered the Martin lunch. Be sure to watch the news at 5PM tonight to hear from our kids and from our CEO Diane Entwistle!

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