JCI Penticton and Total Restoration Services: Fun Funding Fun

Published August 09, 2016 16:12

Okanagan Boys and Girls Clubs receive donations due to many creative fundraising ideas. Having a variety of events gives community members plenty of fun ways to donate to a good cause.

One exciting event sponsored by Total Restoration Services was the annual JCI Penticton Murder Mystery. This year’s mystery was set in a Las Vegas casino, an apt location for a night full of secrets and duplicity. In addition to the Murder Mystery, JCI raised money for Boys and Girls Clubs through a silent auction and ticket sales.

The proceeds from these initiatives helped four kids attend summer camp for one week in OK Falls and Summerland. A further $300 supported a large summer outing at the Penticton club as well the after-school program at Carmi Elementary. Thank you, Total Restoration and JCI Penticton, for your hard work and innovation. With your help, our youth have a safe place to belong and a chance to enjoy this Okanagan summer.

Tracy Van Raes giving Okanagan Boys and Girls Clubs a $1500 cheque on behalf of JCI Penticton

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