How A Little Boost makes a Big Difference

Published December 02, 2016 13:00

Imagine you are a child learning to use the washroom by yourself. You flush the toilet, wash your hands, and open the door to leave. Sounds simple, right? Now imagine having to stand on your tip toes to see in the mirror or ask an adult to help you with the taps so you can wash your hands - how inconvenient!

The above story shows how kids at Okanagan Boys and Girls Clubs Penticton used to go to the washroom. Door handles, faucets, dispensers, and mirrors were too tall for most kids. This meant that Program Leaders had to help kids during every washroom break. For kids, the lack of independence was frustrating. For staff members, the lack of kids' independence undermined the life skills taught in care programs.

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Community Foundation of the South Okanagan Similkameen helped boost kid’s independence. They provided Okanagan Boys and Girls Clubs Penticton with a grant to renovate three bathrooms. Now, bathrooms are more accessible to all and kids can proudly complete all steps of washroom success on their own.

Additionally, the grant was used to fund repairs to the Penticton Club’s kitchen. The kitchen houses the Community Kitchen program, which provides 750 meal portions to 25 families struggling with a limited income or other barriers. Penticton has a large gap between the rich and poor, and this gap is predicted to keep growing. Okanagan Boys and Girls Clubs in Penticton serves disadvantaged families and youth in hopes of providing them with a great future and a welcoming community.

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