Giving Day at The Hudson's Bay Company and Home Outfitters

Published March 09, 2017 19:35

The Hudson's Bay Company is doing another Giving Day for Boys and Girls Clubs on Friday, March 24th. You can give to the Brain Gain initiative and shop by dropping by Okanagan Hudson Bay and Home Outfitters locations. A donation gets you a discount!

The HBC Summer Brain Gain helps bolster learning retention by engaging students with educational activities during the summer months. These activities combat learning loss, which occurs during gaps in student’s education. Disadvantaged students are particularly vulnerable to the regressive effects of learning loss.

Boys and Girls Clubs run summer programs that align with HBC’s goals. In fact, we provide extracurricular learning opportunities for young people throughout the school year. There are many fun ways for students to enhance and sustain their education.

Home Outfitters Store Manager Jeff has the following message for customers: "We are very proud to support the Boys and Girls Club of Canada through our Giving Day program. As a proud member of the retail community within Kelowna it is important for us to give back to the people who support our business, whenever and wherever we can. Which is why both myself and my associates fully support this event. What I like most about the Giving Day Program is that unlike other retailers we are not just “asking our customers for a donation”. We SELL Giving Day Tickets for $5.00 (with 100% of proceeds going to Boy’s and Girls Clubs of Canada). We in turn “GIVE” our customers a discount at both Hudson’s Bay and Home Outfitters stores of up to 20% off their purchase(some restrictions apply see store for details). On top of that we are giving out ballots to enter in to a draw for a $500 savings card. The important thing to remember is that in order to receive their discount and enter the draw, customers must visit a Hudson’s Bay or Home Outfitters store on Giving Day which is Friday March 24th 2017. The benefits to our customers don’t end there. We also have a flyer which goes into effect every Friday. The discounts that you get by purchasing a Giving Day Ticket apply to regular price, sale and clearance prices. Thank you in advance for your support and we will see you in the stores on Giving Day Friday March 24th 2017."

We at Boys and Girls Clubs hope to see you at The Hudson's Bay or Home Outfitters on the 24th too! 

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