Fidelity Investments helps Kids PowerUp!

Published October 04, 2016 21:30

Homework is more than just handing in a completed assignment and receiving a grade. It is an opportunity for youth to learn from their mistakes and improve their knowledge and study habits. However, poor grades can discourage youth in their academic journey. Teachers may not have the time to help individual students understand their mistakes, so improvement can be challenging. Often parents will have to take extra time to try and teach their kids after school.

Academic support gives kids the chance to focus on their specific scholastic goals. Thanks to a grant from Fidelity Investments, OBGC Martin Avenue was able to provide resources and programming for after-school academic support through the PowerUp! program. Trained staff were able to help kids with math, English, and French homework. They also taught kids how to research safely on the internet.

One older member of PowerUp! would assist younger children with homework whilst completing their own assignments. We were so excited to see this member take on a leadership role. Participants truly cared about the success of everyone in the program.

Participants saw academic improvement, so we believe that we are making a difference. The PowerUp! program will continue to run this school year. Thank you, Fidelity Investments, for kick-starting this amazing initiative.

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