Fantastic Summer 2016 in Kelowna - A Special Thanks!

Published September 29, 2016 12:55

Summer was busy and full of fun for the children at the Okanagan Boys and Girls Clubs -Martin Avenue in Kelowna. With both full day summer camps and recreation programs offered, there were lots of activities to choose from.

It is with many thanks to our community supporters who helped us provide some incredible activities and outings in which our recreation members participated in.

During July, members had a chance to learn to Stand Up Paddleboard thanks to Okanagan Beach Rentals at their Rotary Beach location. Unfortunately weather cancelled the first two sessions, however, the last two weeks of July saw children out paddling on the lake, battling some winds, and learning the skills to feel comfortable on their SUP. Thanks to Barry and Kellie for patience and allowing us to introduce our members to Stand Up Paddleboarding!

In August, Conrad at Whiplash Cable Park welcomed us with open arms to teach us how to wakeboard. By the end of our 3-weeks, all of our members who participated were wakeboarding down the line; some were able to do 180s; and everyone left with a smile! It was incredible to see Conrad’s enthusiasm and interactions with the children as he built their confidence, teamwork, and enthusiasm while earning their trust and respect. All of the children had nothing but positivity and good things to say after leaving and hoping they can come back the next week. We are so thankful to Conrad at Whiplash for being so welcoming and accommodating to us!Dsc 1963

Without the support of these community members, and many others, we would not be able to provide our members with such a diversity of activities and new experiences. There are not many words to describe the feeling of sending a child home at the end of the day with a huge smile on their face and non-stop chatter about how much fun they had. We are so grateful to have so many wonderful individuals and organizations willing to work with us to provide these opportunities for our members.

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