Doing Something Good at Christmas and Everyday of the Year

Published December 28, 2015 16:08

Doing something meaningful at Christmas time is what The Co-operators Insurance wanted to do for the Boys and Girls Club Downtown Youth FeelgoodCentre. We have decided this year to skip our Christmas gift exchange and give back to the Youth Centre. After consulting Sarah Mackinnon, the center’s director, she gave us a list of common items that they needed for the kids which included basic items such as new socks, grocery gift cards for them to purchase milk, cheese & yogurt and public transit bus tickets.

We took the list and every staff member from all three offices agreed this was the best way to give back. The center does such a good job at taking care of our youth and any help they receive is welcomed with a big smile. They run a wrap-around service model for local youth where they offer food, drop-in services, emergency overnight shelters, crisis counseling, a 6 bed transition home, two youth justice programs and so much more.

Dennis Macleod, the owner of the offices, was most excited as he saw the happiness on Sarah’s face when we were there to deliver our surprises at the Youth Center. She accepted it on behalf of all of the kids and was so grateful.

Our annual commitment to the Boys and Girls Club Downtown Youth Centre is Cook-a-Storm night where we make as many large casseroles in one night as we can for the youth. This year we were able to prepare 17, which will feed about 15 kids at a time. No one needs to go hungry.

Louise Macleod, Dennis’ wife, who worked for 11 years in Alberta as a family and social services employment counselor, said that we will continue to help the center in any way because she believes in supporting them and urges any one to research a cause they would like to support and do it. This is how we become stronger as a community.

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