Counselling Services at Okanagan Boys and Girls Clubs Oliver

Published January 17, 2017 18:17

I, as a parent, have been absolutely impressed with the care and respect of my child. My child has come out of these sessions with confidence and strategies that have increased her self-esteem and overall outlook on her past situations. I am forever grateful we were linked with this program as it has enhanced our overall life. The support has been monumental to our family.” - Parent

Okanagan Boys and Girls Clubs Oliver is proud to provide the Integrated Family Development program at their club. The Integrated Family Development program provides free counselling to children, youth, and families who are referred by the Ministry of Children and Family Development (MCFD) as well as from community referrals.

Counselling has many positive benefits for those who partake in it. The Oliver Club’s trauma-informed practice accounts for individual and family history. History is important to account for when devising long-term recovery plans. The Oliver Club’s practice is also low-barrier, so referrals are almost always accepted. This accounts for the diverse specializations of the Oliver Club’s counsellors.

The Oliver Club’s counsellors work with families to meet MCFD mandates and deal with trauma and conflict resolution. Counsellors also act as advocates for other community resources that would be beneficial to the families they serve.

Youth living on youth agreements are also aided by the Oliver Club’s counsellors. Counselling sessions with these youth focus on building independence and other life-skills. Living apart from family can be difficult for young people when they have little support and mentorship. Victims of sexual abuse are aided by the Sexual Abuse Intervention Program, an invaluable service that works to help youth and children recover from the trauma of sexual abuse.

Like many counselling programs, the Oliver Club has seen a rise in anxiety in young people. Counsellors work with many youth on strategies to overcome anxiety and self-regulation issues. Mental illness can have a major impact on young people’s happiness and success in life. Counselling young people at an early-age is a proactive measure against further mental health issues.

For more information on the counselling services at Okanagan Boys and Girls Clubs Oliver, contact the Club at 250-498-8844 or

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