Cook it. Try it. Like it!

Published May 05, 2017 17:21

“Cook it. Try it. Like it!” is a five week after school program designed to promote healthy eating habits by providing students with hands-on experience cooking and tasting nutritious foods. During each lesson Club Members at Martin Avenue will be creating simple, healthy recipes that they can take home to share with their families. Club members will have the opportunity to learn important concepts such as:

- Food handling and preparation skills
- Grocery shopping
- Basic food safety
- Nutrition
- How food is grown
- Where food comes from

The last iteration of the program was a success. By the end of the five weeks, Martin Avenue Club Members were chopping vegetables and meat safely and were measuring accurately. Recipes included mini pizzas, quesadillas, smoothies, and granola topping. Club Members were excited to take home recipe books to their families and many have started helping their parents make dinner.

For information on upcoming “Cook it. Try it. Like it!” classes, contact 250-762-3914 ext. 115. We want to thank Interior Health for creating this exciting nutrition program for kids.

Cook It

Remember, supplemental cooking practice is available for free at There is also a recipe contest open until May 7th!

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