Connect Through Fitness with Body Connection

Published March 03, 2017 21:37

Jessica Levy had several fitness certifications when she became pregnant. She wanted to stay connected with the fitness world during this time, but found that Kelowna’s fitness scene didn’t have many options for mothers. That’s when Jessica decided to get her pre and post-natal fitness certifications so she could run fitness classes for mothers.

Img 1259Jessica started by holding a stroller fitness class that became popular amongst local mothers. Since then, Jessica has expanded the range of fitness classes offered and has built a strong team of instructors known as Body Connection Fitness.

“I want to empower women and help them meet their fitness goals,” said Levy. Unlike big-gym fitness classes, Levy and her team create a personable workout environment where participants get to know their instructor and each other. “Social interaction creates an encouraging environment where people feel motivated to try their best.”

In the summer of 2016, Levy passed by a yoga advertisement outside of the Martin Avenue Community Centre which is home to Okanagan Boys and Girls Clubs Martin Avenue. She met with the Martin Ave Centre Director, toured the available spaces, and quickly formed a partnership. Since September, Okanagan Boys and Girls Clubs members and community members have been enjoying Body Connection classes. “I am loving the class as my return to a fitness routine after too many years of inactivity. I am feeling more flexible and gaining strength and confidence to soon attend some of the more challenging classes offered,” said Michelle, a participant of the Circuit class.

The current schedule of fitness classes at the Martin Centre is as follows:

Monday 7:15-8PM POUND

Tuesday 6-7PM Boot Camp

Wednesday 5:15-6:15PM IBurn

Thursday 7-8PM Boot Camp

Friday 9-9:45AM Full Body Shred

Saturday 9:30-10:30AM Circuit

We are thrilled to have Body Connection Fitness running in the Martin Avenue Community Centre. Members can get 40% off a 5 Punch Pass (Reg $60) or 50% off 10 Punch Pass (Reg $100) this spring! For more information on Body Connection, email or call (250) 470-0264.

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