Bikes for Kids in Penticton

Published March 03, 2017 22:55

Many people likely have memories of their first bike ride and that feeling of trepidation as they first gripped the handles. Of course, after a few falls (or many falls), riding a bike becomes second nature.

Bikes4kidsBiking is a healthy activity that utilizes both upper and lower body muscles. The movements are gentle, so both adults and kids can build muscle with a low risk of injury. Additionally, bikes serve as an ecofriendly means of transportation. What’s not to love about biking?

Unfortunately, bikes are expensive. A reliable bike costs at least one hundred dollars. For some families, bikes are too great an expense. This means that many families are unable to experience the benefits of biking. Investors Group and Okanagan Boys and Girls Clubs Penticton are teaming up to help Penticton families enjoy the outdoors on a bicycle this spring with the Bikes For Kids campaign.

“A bike opens many economic doors for both kids and adults. Investors Group and I want to help community members who could benefit from having a bike,” said Marcia Colville of Investors Group. Marcia has been enthusiastically working on the Bikes for Kids Campaign since winter. Thanks to her hard work, many community organizations are helping with the campaign.

From March 1st 2017 to April 14th you can drop off gently used and new bikes for kids and their families to Skaha Ford at 198 Parkway. Monetary funds for the initiative can also be made out to and dropped off at Okanagan Boys and Girls Clubs Penticton. For a complete list of the sizes and gender of the bikes needed please go to the Okanagan Boys and Girls Clubs Penticton Facebook page or call Jen Anderson at 250-493-0512.

We are grateful to Marcia and the Investors Group for their dedication to youth and families in the Okanagan. Help kids and families cycle to a great future by donating a bike today!

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