Bergg Homes Team Helping Youth at Risk in our Community

Published March 07, 2016 16:32

Local Bistro & Real Estate Team combine with a generous donor to make an in-home dining experience to help the Okanagan Boys and Girls Clubs

Once a year the Okanagan Boys and Girls Clubs hold a charity auction to help raise funds for the local Downtown Youth Centre and programs Berggsupporting Youth at Risk. This year The Bergg Homes Team of RE/MAX Kelowna and Beets and Boos Bistro combined to donate an in home dining experience. The highest bidder on line for package was won by Bart & Ingrid Dilschneider who invited four friends to their home last weekend to enjoy the prize!

Lynn Miller the owner of Beets and Boos came to their home to cook a meal. Steven & Annette Bergg of the Bergg Homes Team RE/MAX Kelowna brought a large selection of wines from Urban Liquor.

We had a blast! Lynn’s cooking was amazing and the blind wine tasting was so much fun. Several people picked the Box wine from Mount Boucherie over all of the expensive wines!- Bart Dilschneider

Our friends had an amazing evening. It was so great to relax with friends and let Lynn make amazing food while Steven and Annette waited on us, and even washed the dishes! - Ingrid Dilschneider

It is fantastic to see local business combining to create innovative ways to support our children. We are so grateful to see people like Lyn, Steven & Annette that are so successful in their community donate their time and money to give back. Richelle Leckey, Community Engagement Coordinator, Okanagan Boys and Girls Clubs.

About Bergg Homes and Beets and Boos

The Bergg Homes Team, RE/MAX Kelowna are an award winning real estate team that donate back a substantial amount of their gross revenue to local charity.

Beets and Boos is a bistro on Enterprise way owned by Lynn Miller & her daughter that also also offers catering services off site.

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