BC Tree Fruits Staff Forgo Gifts to help Charity

Published December 20, 2016 16:40

Many offices celebrate the holidays by running a Secret Santa gift swap. This is a fun way for employees to bond and get to know one another. This year, BC Tree Fruits employees decided to change the way they ran their gift exchange.

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“Instead of purchasing for the adult version of our coworker, we bought something that we thought they would have enjoyed as a kid. Once the fun of the exchange was done, we donated everything to a charity to make Christmas morning a little brighter for some children,” said BC Tree Fruits Sales Manager Laurel Van Dam. The charity of choice for this year was Okanagan Boys and Girls Clubs.

The new Secret Santa was a big hit at the BC Tree Fruits office. “I took it beyond our immediate group this year and invited other departments to do the same,” said Laurel. “Three other departments jumped on board and the result was amazing!” Six overflowing boxes of toys had been amassed for charity.

We are grateful for BC Tree Fruits’ generosity. The gifts they have donated will bring joy to kids and their families across the valley this holiday season.


BC Tree Fruits Cooperative is owned by over 450 local grower families. These families nurture the orchards to create the best produce possible. BC Tree Fruits provides expertise in promoting, packing, and transporting the BC Tree Fruits brand of fruit.

For the last several years, BC Tree Fruits staff have collected donations to support two Okanagan families with their Christmas gifting needs. Over the course of a year, BC Tree Fruits supports numerous worthwhile causes and organizations. Whether it’s a small donation or some fruit for a local event, BC Tree Fruits is proud to be part of the Okanagan community.

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