Adopt a Family or Club this Holiday Season

Published October 09, 2018 18:05

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The Okanagan Boys and Girls Clubs “Adopt A Family” program matches families and young people with businesses, organizations, schools, service groups and individuals. Our families/youth are current members of the Okanagan Boys and Girls Clubs and are identified as needing support at this time of year. Jordan Whitt 145327

Although many families quietly try to manage to make ends meet throughout the course of the year, many are not able to. The holidays are a particularly difficult time for those families and young people.Over the past 10 years, sponsors have assembled food and gift hampers for families, who due to a variety of circumstances were unable to give their family the food and gifts they would like to ensure their families experienced the joy of the season like others around them.

Last year we had over 80 families in the Okanagan who were in need of our support and we anticipate needing to match as many families this year.

The Okanagan Boys and Girls Clubs "Adopt A Family" sponsors are encouraged to take on the responsibility of providing a breakfast, lunch and dinner and gifts for the family they are matched with. Some sponsors prefer to provide Gift Cards to families so they are empowered to make choices on their own as to what their families need. In other cases sponsor may prefer to donate to the Okanagan Boys and Girls Club who take the donation and purchase Gift Cards or food and toys to create the hampers. We are very flexible.

We hope you will consider “Adopting a Family” this holiday season and help make a family in our community have a little brighter holiday. Thank you for bringing joy in a time of need.

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Okanagan Boys and Girls Clubs runs a variety of programs and services in the Okanagan Valley serving 1300 + Kids a day. We operate on a very tight budget and continually work hard to make do with the resources we have. It is especially great when individuals and organizations make donations and in-kind donations to support these programs.

Our goal it to ensure we are providing kids with an opportunity for a "Great Future” through relationship building, leadership programs, healthy activities and nutritious meals. We work to teach employment skills, provide shelter and support to youth at risk and work with families who are facing a variety of challenges.

Through donations of art and craft supplies, food, sports equipment, music equipment, games, etc. we are able to carry out our mission.

So Adopting a Club is also a great way to give back to a large number of kids in our communities.

Thank you so much for thinking about Okanagan Boys and Girls Clubs and our families.

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