A Letter from a Parent: "Me Too"

Published July 11, 2016 17:12

To the Okanagan Boys and Girls Clubs,

I wanted to take a minute and share with you an interaction I had with one of your staff yesterday. So often, I'm sure you only hear the not so positive feedback and I felt compelled to send you this message of positivism.

When I came to pick my son up at shortly after 4pm, I was approached by your staff. She asked if we could have a conversation as she had read my sons care plan. Having been on the receiving end of many negative conversations this past year regarding my son’s propensity to "run", I was preparing to hear more negative feedback.

I am thrilled to say this was not the case. Your staff excused herself from the group of other children and took my son and myself to a quieter area where we could talk. The first thing she asked my son was "do you sometimes feel like you need to run?" to which my son replied "yes" What she said next however is what has driven me to send this message....she could have given him a lecture on the dangers of running which I drill into his head daily. Or given my son the impression that he was a bad child for how he reacts in certain situations which has also been a message delivered to my son. Instead she spoke directly to him and said "me too" Those two small words have me weeping as I type this email. "Me too" with zero judgement or frustration, Your staff proceeded to have a conversation with my son about how she has the same feelings and how they could come up with a plan for my son to be safe when he needed to run. Together they decided on the safe places for my son to go when he needed a time out. These would be the places that your staff would know to look for my son. Your staff also made it okay for my son to say when he needed to run, with no lengthy conversation and that your staff would be able to find him in one of the two safe zones they decided upon.

Your staff shared with me that she too has ADD and is medicated and often feels the same way my son does. The level of care, understanding, non judgement and pure empathy she displayed while talking to both myself and my son is nothing short of a miracle in my eyes! I knew from that conversation that my son would have an ally, a safe place to go, with someone who understands from the inside how he sometimes feels. For a mother who wants the absolute best for and from her child, this felt like a weight lifted off.

You have a truly special individual working with you and I feel deeply humbled and thankful that my son has your staff to support and interact with him while he's at the Boys and Girls Club. Thank you for having such a wonderful individual in your employ! She is a fantastic ambassador for the Boys and Girls Club.

With my deepest gratitude,


All names have been removed to obtain confidentiality.

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