Unplug to Connect and 60th Birthday Recap

Unplug to Connect and 60th Birthday Recap

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On Friday June 7th, various Clubs around the Okanagan took a step away from their phones and spent time with their communities. But why is it so important for us as humans to take a step away from our devices and enjoy what's around us?

We all know that the internet and smartphones are changing the way that people connect with the world around them. Technological devices are designed to connect us with others, but they are also causing us to feel isolated and alone.

The percentage of teens with smartphone access has jumped to 95%, while studies show that their psychological well-being decreases dramatically the more time they spend on screens. As a result, anxiety is on the rise, especially among kids and teens, as they feel the need to be “plugged in” at all times.

At Boys and Girls Clubs, we know that building relationships is important. And at our Clubs, kids spend time away from smartphones and computers every single day—playing together, learning together, and being mentored by caring adults.

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As I'm sure most of you know, this year marks the Anniversary of 60 years that we have been serving the Okanagan and its surrounding communities. Although the Okanagan Boys and Girls club has evolved tremendously over the years, the common theme of have a safe and inclusive environment still stands strong after 60 glorious years. Stay tuned for more things to come about our 60th Anniversary Celebrations as we are hosting an incredible event on October 3rd that you won't want to miss; info will be released shortly!

In the mean time, check out our Facebook and Instagram page for some pictures and short video from our very own Boys and Girls Clubs celebrating 60 years in the Okanagan!

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